Is responsive design for your website enough? You might want to give it a serious thought

Is responsive design for your website enough? You might want to give it a serious thought
credofy_responsive designs

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled web expert, you might have faced the challenges while creating responsive designs, largely because of the all-encompassing changes in the technique of designing website. This not so latest trend now, of having a responsive design for a website is a straightforward approach for the organizations. The goal is to own a website that resizes itself according to the device it is being viewed on and should look great. Moreover, some viewers might start on browsing on one device but would like to recommence viewing it on a different device when they get back to the office or go home.

Here is an image of what responsive design looks like on various devices:

credofy_responsive designs

But do you think just by having a website with a responsive design is enough and is your only mobile strategy? If you think this way you might lose not just your users but your money as well since many people think that responsive web design is the answer to all of our problems.

We should understand that, that user do not understand what a responsive site is, they want something fast and easy to navigate through. Besides having a responsive design for a website, our foremost consideration should be providing an impeccable mobile web browsing experience, though it has been a challenge always.

The benefits of the responsive design can be garnered without upsetting the performance on mobile, what we need to do is employ some techniques. Despite the fact that there is no silver bullet that can be applied to every type of document, there are certain techniques, if used can improve the responsive design and enhances the performance.

  • It would be a good idea to deliver every document to all devices with the same URL and same content. However, having a different structure.
  • Optimization tools are a great way to improve performance
  • Set your site to load above-the-fold content first. This will improve the response speed.
  • Always make sure to test the websites on a real device. Relying on resizing the desktop browser is a no no.
  • Use Javascript to deliver responsive images

Eventually the goal for a website is to have happy, satisfied and returning users, this ultimately lead to more conversions. So, whatever the result comes out to be, whether a sale, or a visitor talking positively about, users won’t be happy without a high-performing website. Poorly build responsive designs just stuff a desktop website’s features and functionality into a smaller screen, without giving much heed to how the user at the other end view and use the website and how he find its navigation user-friendly. To overcome this it is advisable to incorporate above mentioned techniques and provide flawless experience.

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